Frequently Asked Questions
What is Tasks4dollars?
Here on Tasks4dollars, we mainly specialized in providing crowdflower tasks and organizing tasks completion contest.
We also provide advertising opportunities for advertisers.
What Advertisements are not allowed?
We do not allow any advertisement that is related to gambling,  illegal products/services or downloads,  drug, weapons, hate speech or adult advertising on Tasks4dollars
What is your refund policy?
We do not offer refunds on purchases. It is better you make a good decision before buying any product on Tasks4dollars.

Note carefully- We will suspend any member who attempts to DISPUTE a genuine payment transaction at any of our payment processors.
Please contact us first to see if there will be any room to settle any issue with your purchase.
Am i allowed to have more than one account?
The answer is capital NO. we only allow one account per person, per IP and per computer. But you are free to access your account from other computers or other ISP.
What is your minimum payout?
Free account members start with $2

Premium members have $1.50  minimum payout.
How long should i wait to receive my payment.
Premium members are paid daily

Free account members are paid every 3 days.
What are your Payment gateways?
We pay our members via Paypal, Payza, Liberty Reserve, Amazon gift card,  and Bitcoin .

More payment options will be added soon.
How much $ worth 0.01BTC?
We pay the equivalent of the USD you earned in BTC. Our conversion is based on blockchain's rates